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6 trendy looks that can be worn to city parties, family gatherings, and church
Christmas fever:
The season of cheer, merrymaking, celebration, and reunions is upon us, and one important thing that has never gone out of style is the need to dress for the occasion. It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.
While some people might be tempted to show up to functions looking casual and unkempt, most guys prefer going all out during the festive season. A few essentials for men and women are beyond crucial to put in mind before choosing the perfect outfit for either church, city parties, or family functions.

Legit.ng and Jiji picked up a few outfits that can work for each occasion perfectly without forcing you to even lose sleep over what to wear.
Сhic modesty is always the answer when attending that much anticipated Christmas cantata. Neutral looks and hush colors are in the season, and when paired up with light makeup, the look is a work of art.

Consider throwing on a simple pair of grey or white pants paired with a long, brown overall or jacket.

Model Chanel Iman in her beige cargo pants and white hoodie looking calm and cute.
A suit is always the way forward for a December Sunday service. In the words of How I Met Your Mother's Barney Stinson, "do not forget to suit up". The best thing about such classy outfits is that they never go out of style. Alternatively, a dapper chap can choose to throw on a pair of blue or black jeans, casual white shoes, and a simple sweater.
Kevin Hart in a casual grey suit and a close-fitting black t-shirt behaving gracefully during the first showing of a new film.
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Dear ladies, family get-togethers are somewhat relaxed and include alcohol, chilling, and catching up. However, it is vital to have in mind the kind of family members who will be in attendance. If you come from a laid back family, then feel free to rock a short skirt, a pair of cute boots, maybe a beret and a lovely leather jacket. For the makeup, go with a daring shade of lipstick and a bit of eyeshadow that compliments your shoes.
Kourtney Kardashian looking awesome and deserving every compliment under the post at least for this superb vinyl coat.
Anything goes, but casual chic is always the answer. Try denim on denim. A combo of eye-catching denim top coupled with denim pants is what we could term as a chick magnet.
Alex Costa in total denim look projecting natural brutality in tandem with a touch of tenderness.
Parties mean letting your hair down and living in the moment, so do not be afraid to tap into your wild side. For ladies, a little chest action never hurt. Go out in a pretty party dress that either flaunts your bosoms or shows off a bit of thigh action. Do not be boring and rope yourself in some fun during the celebrations. Try draping yourself in a figure-hugging dress that clutches onto every corner of your body. Accessorise with bold, dangling earrings, and a simple clutch bag.
Gorgeous Gabrielle Union-Wade combining the deep blue dress with a leopard printed bag.
Men can always get off their comfort zone and try on a pair of shorts paired with a fedora and a simple shirt.
Joe Budden hanging around in a three-quarter length sleeve shirt, loose shorts, and fancy hat.
And a citreous one-shoulder dress.
Idris Elba wearing a black jacket with curious design and a satin bow tie.
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