Legit.ng, together with Jiji, prepared a quest for you to find out whether you're ready to withstand a temptation to buy everything on your way or you should isolate yourself from all these ads with discounts and ignore the day at all.

All you have to do is to answer questions and show how you would act in different tricky circumstances typical for Black Friday.
To get to the next level, you have to choose the correct answer.
The time when merchants get 40% of their annual revenues is near at hand. We're talking about Black Friday. It's time when you can find the biggest discounts of the year. However, some sellers use Black Friday to get rid of old stock and grab their piece of the pie while people are overexcited.
Don't take big discounts at face value. Some shops significantly increase the cost of goods before the sale and then set "discounts" based on these inflated prices.
Impulse buying is hard to control. Even if you have a certain sum of money, at some moment, you can find yourself with a pile of unneeded things. However, money is spent, and there's no one to blame but yourself.
There is a week until Black Friday. How will you start preparing before the big day?
I'll comprise a list of the shops that offer the lowest prices on the market.
I'll make a shopping list with the goods I really need in my life.
I don't mind about impulse buying. But I would set a limit on the total amount of money I may spend.
If you like crowds of people and endless lines at the till, then going to a brick-and-mortar store without a plan is what you need. But on the whole, you chose the wrong strategy.
Good try!
But most probably, you would stumble only upon those shops with discounts that did effective SEO promotion.
Now it's time to define shops and websites where you're going to purchase needed things. How will you choose them?
I'd download a price comparison app or will find websites where I can compare all the prices with discounts on the market in a couple of seconds.

I'm going to shlep from store to store in a mall, hoping for my luck.
I will spend the whole day surfing through the Internet by hand.
Well done! You're on the second base.
Well, if a person that answered your call is just as naive as you, you're lucky to get a sincere answer. But in most shops, you'll be laughed at and tricked.
It's a good option for non-sale days. No people are fighting for goods, and there's a broad choice. However, on Black Friday, you'll not have a chance to take a look at the desired object.
It's high time to make a small investigation regarding those things you're going to buy to avoid poor quality goods. How you're going to find it out?
I will call the target shops and ask them directly which goods are worth buying.
I will come to a brick-and-mortar shop to exam the goods.
I will diligently read all the reviews for a particular item, watch video reviews ― virtually, everything that depends on me to double sure that the purchase is worthwhile.
You're absolutely right!
All the goods in your wish-list are bought up. All hope now is for Cyber Monday.
According to statistics, this is a peak of shopping activity on Black Friday. You have to act very fast to succeed and buy what you want, even online.
Black Friday is in full swing! When it's the best time to shop online?
Closer to the evening ― 7-8 pm
At night when everybody sleeps - 3-4 am
Right after I brush my teeth ― 10-11 am
Well done!
You're right and wrong at the same time.
Don't forget that it's Black Friday. You can easily find goods with small discounts on any other day, Black Friday is for a real deal.
If you're going to act like this, you should probably refuse from Black Friday shopping as you're not interested in slumping prices at all.
It's time to fill in your online shopping cart. To goods with what discounts will you pay attention first?
Different hot-ticket items and doorbusters so I could shop further with peace of mind.

10-15% discounts. They are the most reliable compared to shocking 70-80%.
I will take the first deal I see. It's a discount one way or another!
Well played!
It's your choice, however, remember that there's quite a big chance to return your money, especially when the product is damaged.
Bad idea
Bad idea, veeery baad idea! Better don't do it, otherwise, you can get even more problems. You have to be 100% sure in your arguments if you decided to squabble with the shop.
Black Friday is over. But what would you if you changed your mind regarding something from what you have bought during Black Friday and you want to return the goods?
Nothing. I'm too shy (insert any adjective that finds an excuse for your inactivity), and I would probably fail in this.
I got to know all the ins and outs of every shop's return policy beforehand. Now it's not a big deal to get my money back.
I'll call the chief manager and air everything I think about the shop if they refuse to take their goods back.

Congratulations! You did it! You successfully passed the quest and are ready for Black Friday craze! Fearlessly indulge in a shopping spree on Jiji taking advantage of its TOP OFFER BOARD, which features the goods with the biggest discounts.