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Brand challenges
The name is hard to pronounce, spell and memorise
Brand queries quantity fell to the 2014 level
Values and vision are not translated in the name
Confusing website navigation and old-fashioned visual style
Even people, who read us, didn't remember our name
We decided to create a brand name, slogan, values, logo and design, which will translate our beliefs and principles we have always followed. Although it may seem risky to change the name that has already made it, we are ready for this risk. Only being up for casting aside what is wrong and introducing new solutions great results can be achieved.
Together with the team, we brainstormed name options, that would be apt and easy to recall. Tip: don't forget to check whether the domain address is free for the name you chose.
Integrity has always been among our values, we double-check the facts before publishing and follow global content policies. That's legit.
Legit – сool and trustworthy (slang), correct, fair
Brand Name
The new name is representing this principle and is spelt without problems by most people:
In the modern world, there are tons of informational clutter, but we are here to filter it and give the most meaningful and relevant content to the audience.

We use a universal symbol to show that we highlight the best news that helps people make decisions, have fun and be up to date. This simple visual is easily understood and translates the main idea.
Brand Name + Common marker symbol
Like the highlight in our logo does, we emphasise the main information people need to know
Geometrical forms and elements are transformable for all needed platforms as well as any printed materials
Brand message – leading the way is meant to be people's guide, that leads the way through the news
Although the slogan includes several more ideas:

‣ our platform is #1 in Nigeria by traffic

‣ we are first to adopt the latest cutting-age technology, use innovative marketing tools and approaches to creating the content

‣ we provide news that matters for our users
Modern website with a simple, user-friendly interface
Banners, emails, PR article, social networks
Teaser campaign
Video, celebration, banners, press-releases, PR article, social networks, app, email
Rebranding promotion
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