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If you can't focus on a working process, your head is full of Frank Sinatra's songs, and the only thing you dream about is going to your home town, then surely Christmas is almost here! The age-old question is how to celebrate it to remember it during the whole next year?

Legit.ng, together with Jiji, knows it and shares with you a convenient how-to guide where we considered every important moment of Christmas in a new perspective.
Choose a style for your Christmas
Farmhouse Christmas
Natural materials, home-made decorations, flowers, and embroidery characterize farmhouse inherent charm! All these you have in your home or at the house of your parents. Just make sure every detail complements each other.
Glam Christmas
Although Christmas is a family holiday, you don't have to limit your passionate nature. Christmas is a time to go all out! Take glitter and make everything in your home sparkle and shine like an African night sky. And unleash your fantasy regarding colors ― it can be even glitzy pink!
Coastal Christmas
While living in a country with a hot and humid climate, it's really hard to feel the Christmas atmosphere pictured in American movies. Coastal Christmas offers to forget about typical colors and pay your attention to the cyan color and marine topic, and tropical vegetation instead of a conifer tree.
Minimalist Christmas
If you can't imagine the Christmas holidays without a lot of decorations, give a try to the minimalist style, which can make your Christmas no less merry than a traditional one. Plus, it allows us to focus on the essence of the holiday, instead of material goods. And remember, this style is all about accents.
Pick up home decorations
Christmas tree
Christmas tree decorations
They can be of all forms, colors, and sizes and are sold at every corner.
Such Xmas tree toys will cost you, probably, nothing except a good deal of time to create something decent enough to hang on your Xmas tree.
Christmas wreaths, garlands, flowers
These things are the final flourish! You can go without them, but wreaths and garlands create this Xmas mood you've been waiting for the whole year.
Outdoor decor
To make your house the best in the neighborhood, you need something more special than just artificial snow.

Christmas lights
Christmas is not Christmas without proper lightning. Trees, bushes, palms, shelves, and curtains ― illuminate them all!
Tableware & linens
Purchase beforehand the items for a holiday feast in Christmas colors, such as green and red, to make your Christmas food even more attractive.

Christmas pillows
Throw them on your sofa or bed and let them do their job ― create a festive mood.
It's hard to imagine Christmas without some songs from the 50s that start to sound at every corner from the mid of December, among them:
Purchase scented candles to fill in your home with Christmassy aromas.
Put Christmas in the air with these smells:
  • Christmas trees
  • Hot chocolate
  • Gingerbread
  • Open fire
  • Christmas cake and Christmas pudding
  • Cinnamon
  • Oranges and cloves

Some festive clothes would do no harm. Shiny outfits, bright makeup, silly hats, and you're ready to have your funniest Christmas ever.
Christmas cap
Father Christmas costume
Festive food
  • Rum Cake With Rum Butter Sauce.
  • Homemade Bailey's Irish Cream.
  • Chapman
  • Christmas cake
  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Plum pudding
  • Mince pies
If you feel bored every Christmas as a festive table is empty, then this Christmas, it's time to change rules. We came up with several exciting activities to try with a whole family for Christmas.

  • Go to the city center
  • Take a walk to the beach
  • Arrange family photoshoot
  • Play new games
  • Come up with an idea of a new dish and cook it all together
We hope that we have set you at a festive mode!
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