3 things to remember when buying your dream home
1. Your home is so much more than just a "House"
When choosing your first home, the physical attributes like style, number of rooms, and location are important, but they won't make a house feel like home. By looking at several options with similar exterior characteristics, you'll learn that making a final decision is a surprisingly emotional one.

While all the logistics like size, location, and price have to fit your needs, you should also take some time for self-reflection before making this life-changing decision. Ask yourself some sensitive questions: Will I be happy here? Can I picture my family creating treasured memories in five, ten, twenty or even more years? Most importantly, do I feel "at home"? If the answer is yes, you already are.

Once you've assessed both the rational benefits and emotional appeals, you should feel confident in your decision and know you're ready to make a purchase.

2. The Features You've Always Wanted
In the past, you've probably looked for a property that met your needs – it had enough bedrooms for the whole family or the commute to work was a breeze. This is different. A dream home is more about fulfilling wishes than meeting needs. Don't be afraid to make a sizable wish list. Everyone's wish list is different. While you may love the thought of having a community fitness center just a few steps away, your partner might prefer the secluded quiet of a single home. Have each person in your family make a list of the features that they crave. Then, rank each of those features by importance. While it's unlikely that you'll find a property that will check off every single box on this list, this exercise will help you focus on properties that work for all of you
3. The Neighborhood and Surrounding Area
Remember, that your property does not exist in a bubble. It's part of a larger community
that you will exist in on a daily basis. With that in mind, it's critical that you find a
neighborhood that suits your needs before buying. Is your great escape one that gives you all the peace of a secluded forest or tons of energy from a bustling city center? Do you want to be able to walk to a coffee shop each morning or would you prefer not to have to contend with potentially noisy neighbors? Whatever your heart desires, don't hesitate to do your research before starting your search.
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