How you should treat your
finances in 2018?
Project Idea
people are interested in content regarding personal finance management: saving, investing and money. With this project we will explain the best strategy to treat your finances in 2018, show people's opinion on certain questions and natively implement the advertising about the banking product
Project Structure
1. Vocabulary
2. Longread
3. Social media gallery

This section will explain special terms and products we cover in the project

Detailed information about the promoted product, specialists opinion, important information - this part contains key information and it's the main part of the project
Things that you need to know about your bank
Banking products you should take advantage of in 2018
Interview with bank specialist

Engaging content, that will be created around the project in NAIJ social media will appear here. People opinion, discussions, photos and more
Media support
Project KPIs
We commit for the numbers below.
Money back guarantee in case of under-delivery
150 000+
amount of project views
3 000 000+ impressions
project announcement
NGN 1 050 000
(VAT included)
project cost

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