Road to Yesterday is an introduction of who I am – Genevieve Nnaji speaks on her "Proudly Nollywood" movie

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Road to Yesterday is actress Genevieve Nnaji's first self-produced movie and the buzz it has garnered recently has been great. met up with the screen star for an exclusive chat and she described the production experience as challenging. 'caught' the award-winning actress few hours to the screening of the movie, Road to Yesterday, at the Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Lagos.

First of all, we wondered why despite being in Nollywood for over 15 years and unlike her other colleagues – Rita Dominic, Iyabo Ojo, Funke Akindele, etc. – it has only taken just now to produce her own movie.
"It took this long because I didn't come here to make movies of my own; I came here to act. I want to be an actor, that's what it is. It took a while to realize that I needed to show people where I'm at, the growth that I have had to pass through over the years. I needed to show them. So this is an introduction of who I am as an artist, my creative prowess."
The Imo state indigene explained.
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She described her first role as a producer as "challenging", adding:
"I was wearing too many hats, and I had to be strong all the way."
It is an amazing one from the star actress who even prior to her production debut was simmering towards legendary status as far as African movies are concerned. Her grip firmly placed on the pulse of things has earned her multiple awards, as well as several comparisons to the Hollywood star Julia Roberts.

However, for her co-star Oris Erhuero, who played Izu, Genevieve's husband in Road to Yesterday, the comparison to the American actress is not necessary. To him, Genevieve is beyond all comparisons.
On what fans should expect from the film, Genevieve said: "I think they should look out for the story. I think they should look out for performance. And I really think that they should look out for a project that is predominantly Nigerian, made by Nigerians and proudly Nollywood."
Road to Yesterday has been promoted as a romantic thriller laced with beautiful nuances and the various shades of pain, sadness and coping with denial.

The Genevieve Nnaji's first self-produced movie is about a couple in dire need of a solution to their marital issues. The movie directed by Ishaya Bako stars Majid Michel, Ebere Okaro and Chioma 'Chigul' Omeruah, as well as British actor and model Oris Erheuro, who plays Izu.

Oris, who is of Nigerian descent, joined Jenny to tell about the movie and what the future holds for Nollywood.
How did it feel playing the role in the movie with Genevieve, one of Nigeria's biggest actors?

Oris Erhuero:
You mean one of the world's finest movie stars? Let's get that straight here. Now, it was awesome. Awesome. I'm very blessed that in this life time, that in our youth we were able to come together in this day and age. You know that Africa is the next leader of the world. That's been proven, it's a fact. And so it is the right time. We are blessed that she did a phenomenal job by taking our industry to a whole new level. And this is what made me become a part of the production.
Genevieve has been likened to Julia Roberts a number of times, what do you make of that?

Oris Erhuero:
You know what? No disrespect but, Nigeria is in a class by itself. And I mean, no disrespect, but, who is that?
How would you rate Road to Yesterday on a scale of one to 10?

Can I get to a 100? Is that too small? Oh well, I'd say it's above 10 because I can't rate it like that. It's beyond, it's not one of those movies you would rate. It's epic. It's historic. And I mean this because I've been in the game for a very long time so I can say this. You know I've been doing this for a while and at a point I just thought I wasn't going to enjoy acting anymore. But with this new movie I will say ten on a scale of one to ten.

What should fans look to get once the movie hits the cinemas?

"They're gonna get their money's worth and I suggest they be on the lookout for many more movies from her company because I think Nollywood has taken African cinema to a whole new level. And I'm excited. I just can't wait to stand back and watch all these materials come out. I think that would bring me the utmost joy.

"If you've been observing you'd see how much the trailer has done outside our shores. And when I say outside I mean the guys in Russia, Poland, and all sorts of places. These are just people from social media and they have been calling out asking for the movie to drop. And I've never seen that sort of excitement from people outside the country in a while. And so I'm very certain the people will love the movie."

Do you enjoy this move and Nollywood movies in general?

Your attitude may be different, but the real fact is that the Nollywood industry makes Nigeria proud!
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