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Editor's note: celebrates its fourth birthday and would like to bring something extraordinary for you, our dear readers.
We are delighted to present a special project titled Good People, Great Nation. During 10 weeks, 10 proud Nigerians and 10 famous Nigerians will tell their stories. Follow us, and thanks for being with!
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Bamidele Olowosagba
Dear esteemed reader,

As we mark our 4th birthday, we would like to express our appreciation to you for being the ones who have kept us going. Your continuous visits to our website have helped us to become Nigeria's number one online news and media site, but also known throughout the continent and the world.

Being a part of the team has been a privilege. And one pledge that we have made to the millions of our audience is to continue to serve them objective journalism that will bring positive changes to our society.

We hope you will continue reading us and interacting with our team and content on social media platforms, as we continue towards our 5th anniversary.

In the next few months our team will introduce you to ten Nigerians you have probably never heard about. Also, ten VIPs will tell their stories. They will not leave you indifferent, we are sure. So, let's go! proudly Nigerian!

Aderonke Bello
Managing editor
I am delighted to express my appreciation for your visit to our dynamic news site. We are the number one online news portal in Nigeria and of course, the best of all.

It has been a progressive journey of providing you with extensive coverage in breaking news, sports, politics, current affairs, entertainment, gossip and trending issues. was launched in 2012 with the aim of becoming the #1 go-to news medium in Nigeria, and with your support this has been achieved.

But the race is not over. We strive to remain innovative, with a unique approach to journalism including best videos, graphics, etc, for the easier portrayal and understanding of our news coverage.

We will continue to update you with more exciting features, special reports, investigations, documentaries, exclusives as well as ground-breaking reports. is a great family which I am privileged and glad to belong.

Onyinye Muomah
Head of Entertainment desk is four, and we are happy to celebrate with you all, our dear readers, who have stuck with us during these years. As we continue to grow, we never tire in pursuit of our primary goal, which is to give you what you want: entertaining and informative content.

The Entertainment desk, in particular, strives to be your #1 resource for breaking news, features and reports on your favourite celebrities, music, movies, fashion and style, and weddings! Which is why we recently launched our wedding app (available on Android) where you can view photos, read and share articles on all wedding-related topics in and outside Nigeria. A couple of days ago we launched our special Nollywood section where you will get top-notch coverage of Nigeria's thriving movie industry.

As I said, our main aim is to please you and keep you coming back for more. We hope to maintain this lovely relationship for as long as possible. Once again thanks for being here!

Bayo Olupohunda
Senior editor, head of Lagos City Guide project
Four years ago is the day when it all started – the day when this website was launched back in 2012. We are celebrating our fourth anniversary, and you, the ones who made the website possible, have kept us going. We couldn't possibly have done this without you!

Over the years, we have grown with our readers' support from being just one of those online publications to becoming Nigeria's number one online news media. When I joined, I was just as excited as you to be the part of a team that delivers the best of online journalism.

In four years, we have expanded and created special beats which includes a special focus on Lagos. It is not a coincidence. Lagos is the centre of excellence and it is just as well that began its publication here.

As a mark of our commitment to you, our Lagos desk will be bringing you the best news and special features about the metropolis. On our anniversary, it makes me proud to say I've had the honour of working at, just as you have enjoyed reading us.

Odunayo Adams
Head of Gossip desk is proudly 4! Over the years, it has carved a niche for itself as one of the top news portals in Nigeria.

It has recently launched some new sections, and one of such is the Gossip section and the mobile app.

Analysing media trends, the Gossip team is making a go-to news portal where you are sure to get everything you need to know about your favourite celebrities, as well as about the lives of ordinary people.

Our Facebook page keeps growing every day and in less than two months it has garnered over 130k Likes! Isn't that amazing? This goes a long way to showing that Nigerians and our readers at large love gossip… Lol!

As a new year of our existence creeps in, we promise to dish out more hot gossip that will keep you informed about unusual events and the private lives of some of our politicians, sports people, pastors and entertainers.
special project