Story of how semi-literate man built his own helicopter

NAIJ.com investigated how a semi-literate man managed to design a helicopter in the far away Oyo state. The photos and the video below prove this is possible. One problem remains: can it fly?

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The advent of science and technology has made life easier to live. Man can now fly in the air like bird and move in the sea like water animals.

Our team had a chance to meet Paul Onah. This semi-literate man showed that lack of formal education up to university level is not a barrier to achieving his dream of building a helicopter. He is the first man in Nigeria presently to build a helicopter at home. He constructed a 4-passenger chopper after making different prototypes from wood materials.

Below are the exclusive video and photos that show Mr Onah's invention:
The inside of the mud house used by Mr Paul Onah as his workshop
Mr Paul Onah with his 'prototypes'
The pilot's part (cockpit) of the helicopter
The exterior view of the mud house Mr Paul used as his workshop
The views of the locally-built helicopter. Photos: Michael Obasa
Mr Paul Onah and his family. Immediate him to his left his Mary, his daughter, followed by his wife, Margaret and his little boy, Solomon
Mr Paul Onah with people who came from far and near to admire the first ever locally-built helicopter. Photos: Michael Obasa
"The idea to build my helicopter actually started 5 years ago when God first inspired me to invent an airplane. I initially did not understand this because I never understood it was God who was speaking to me in my dream. I only heard a voice and was a bit confused.
However, in 2012, my late father who died several years ago appeared to me in my dream and told me to build a helicopter. After waking up in the morning of that day, I asked myself, how will I build an airplane when I have never come in contact or touched an aeroplane before in my life? As you are seeing me, I have never been to an airport before. Likewise, I had no money then that would enable embark on the project. It was not until I told my lovely wife that I was finally convinced and encouraged that this project will come to see the light of the day."

Paul Onah
The designer of the helicopter
Photograph: Oladele Hakeem
Just follow your dream!
In February-March 2016 the first locally-built helicopter in Nigeria has been given "a face-lift".

Paul Onah has painted his invention.

The only thing left is for the helicopter to gain buoyancy and fly in the air.

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