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10 Hilarious drivers types:
Have you met any of these on the road?
We know what you were thinking today about while staying in a traffic jam: "Where all these people are rushing?
Why do I have to spend hours to commute to work?

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We understand your pain. That's why the Legit.ng team together with Jiji.ng, want to make your morning a little bit more fun. We'll tell you about the types of drivers you probably meet every day as well as how dangerous and noisy they are for those around them on a scale from 1 to 10.
Maneuvering through transport and corners where conventional cars cannot squeeze through, green and yellow tuk-tuks run about the streets, overpacked and rudderless. Although it seems that the life goal of keke drivers is to create road accidents, everyone loves these awkward vehicles and uses every day in want of more effective public transport.
Keke driver
Danger level: 5
Noise level: 7

They are masters of roads as they literally can go through any jams and mud-locked streets. Compared to tuk-tuk drivers that at least try to act as if they knew traffic regulations, these badasses don't see any speed limits or have any respect to other road users. That's the reason why okadas are prohibited in some Nigerian cities.
Okada driver
Danger level: 7
Noise level: 8

Rickety and stuffy buses may seem the safest place in the Nigerian road hell. Yet, don't hold your breath! They're at the top of the list considering fatal road accidents in Nigeria. With this, bus drivers, for the most part, are quite lovely people that just try to follow the rules. Perhaps, that's their biggest mistake?
Bus driver
Danger level: 10
Noise level: 7

As many times as they honk does no one all over the world! Driving habits also leave a lot to be desired. However, compared to indifferent bus drivers, cheerful taxi drivers on their Toyotas and Hyundais can keep a conversation and turn on your favorite radio station if the car stereo is still functioning.
Taxi driver
Danger level: 8
Noise level: 5

Do you remember a short story "Trucks" by Stephen King? Well, Nigerian truck drivers sometimes are really similar to those cars described in the book. Driving hard at thoroughfares, in a city, they're bound to humbly sit in a traffic jam and exhaust a poll of gases to spite those drivers around that risked opening windows.
Truck driver
Danger level: 9
Noise level: 9

Mercedes S-class with a covered number plate which costs several millions of dollars ― guess who's that? This shameless mobster feels quite comfortable on the road as most of the drivers let him go first to avoid possible conflicts. In most cases, they are non-hazardous. However, if something goes wrong, then there's a chance to find yourself in an exciting tussle.
Mobster on a luxury car
These are usually Americans or Europeans that got a business trip for a couple of days and have no clue how to commute within Nigerian cities. That's why their choice is a taxi cab in case they didn't get a personal car and driver from a firm. Frightenedly peeping out from a window, they desperately try to cover their anxiety; though they manage this bad.
Foreign guests
Danger level: 4
Noise level: 1

Danger level: 8
Noise level: 4

His minivan is full of stuff: a child safety seat, bags with food, and numerous toys on the backseat. The owner of this treasure has already long ago accepted the reality where he lives and does not try to hurry up or move across other cars needlessly.
Family man
Danger level: 4
Noise level: 2

Red Ford Fusion, Tiwa Savage is on the background and a bright lipstick that blinds oncoming drivers. This is all about that girl that lives her best life and is as dangerous on the road as okada driver.
Sugar girl
Danger level: 10
Noise level: 5

Aspiring celebrity
He or she just released their first single and tasted the sweets of success. That's why everybody around his/her Bentley has to listen their music and Lord forbid to say something negative about their creative work.
Danger level: 3
Noise level: 8

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