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It's the 21st century, yet there are still people who avoid buying online, believing false stories. Together with, the biggest free online classified in Nigeria, we collected the top 5 myths about online shopping, which we're going to disprove.
1. Scammers will surely deceive me
New online marketplaces changed the rules of the game and brought in the measures to exclude fraudulence., for instance, is offering secure and reliable payments in terms of its Premium Services. Also, almost all transactions in an online environment go through payment systems that are protected by law and, therefore, easily tracked. With this, it's up to you whether to believe a certain trader from the internet or not.
2. Delivery takes ages
Shipping and handling can take longer as it's said to be. However, this is rather an exception from the rule. Online stores and traders are trying to deliver as quickly and efficiently as possible. After all, not only their brand image but your return to the site depends on it.
3. I overpay
A human brain plays a cruel joke on us. We got fed up with empty advertisement phrases that we automatically do not believe anything that presents itself as cheap and beneficial. The truth is that online traders often save on salaries for sales assistants, rent of space, and payment for utility services. As a result, the cost of goods becomes lower. In classified cases, you can easily bargain about the price directly with a seller.
4. I cannot return goods
Actually, you can. According to the Nigerian law that safeguards the interests of consumers in case of "adverse effects technologies that are inherently harmful, injurious, violent or highly hazardous."
5. I can't define the quality of goods

In most cases, online marketplaces provide comprehensive product data, photos, and reviews about the product. Besides, the decision of whether to buy or not is dictated by an independent choice, without the pressure from shop assistants.
Note: We hope this information was useful for you and dispelled all doubts regarding online shopping!
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