We missed the opportunity to sign Phyno, Kiss Daniel, Cynthia Morgan - P-Square

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– Paul Okoye said the brothers would have signed Phyno, 9ice and Kiss Daniel
– Paul explained why the Okoye brothers are doing things independently
– The top singer said he was sure of achieving success with his new artiste, Muno
Following the birth RudeBoy records and signing of Muno to the label, Paul Okoye of P-Square has revealed why the brothers are doing business individually. In an exclusive interview with NAIJ.com on Monday, February 8, at their Omole residence, Paul maintained that P-Square remains intact but it was time for each of them to try out things independently without hurting the P-Square family.
Paul said he decided to sign Muno immediately he heard him so as not to repeat missed opportunities he had with some artistes in the past. The star singer revealed that he had missed opportunity of signing artistes who are now stars just because he wanted them signed to Square Records.
"When they brought Muno to me, I heard his voice, I accepted him immediately, because I no wan hear say he don blow tomorrow and I don miss again."
"When Jude brought Cynthia Morgan I was in support of it, but my brother (Peter) wasn't comfortable with it but Jude doesn't want that kind of stories anymore so he went on his own. We don't want to experience the kind of experience we had before because the problems we will start resolving might even start affecting us. Now, some of us are now like, 'if to say we know we for allow this girl join us o in Square Records'."
Asked if he regrets not signing Cynthia Morgan to Square Records, Paul revealed that he missed the opportunity of signing 9ice, Kiss Daniel and other music stars.
"It's not only Cynthia Morgan, there is somebody I regretted, Phyno. That's exactly what I was trying to explain to you earlier. I had the opportunity, he was in my front but because I wanted him on Square records and I couldn't get it. He's still my guy sha."
"Dem plenty. I first had 9ice, I tried to convince my brothers. Everyone like him o, but then we were working on our Do Me album. The first artiste I would have signed to Rudeboy records was when I heard Woju on radio. I call him Woju (Kiss Daniel). I called everyone but we couldn't get him. Music is spiritual, once you have that feeling, just move."
Paul, who is currently promoting the two singles released by Muno, No Regrets and Slow Slow, said he was sure of achieving success with Rudeboy Records and Muno. He equally added that P-Square will return with two or three new singles in 2016.

As concerns the issues between the Okoye brothers which made Nigerians talking in March this year, we will never know the exact cause of the situation between the brothers beyond the fragmented remarks we got from them and a few interviews here and there. Also, we might never be able to ascertain how true the allegations between them were, but one thing is certain: the brothers were going through a lot which led to the fracas and the social media tussles.

Millions of Nigerian fans hope next time they have issues (which is inevitable among humans) the superstars handle everything in a mature way, as true music lovers and admirer of their talent do not really care about anyone's profit-sharing formula and whatnot.
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