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NAIJ Special Projects Online media that delivers highly relevant content to readers making it unique using technology and editorial expertise

About Naij special projects
Naij special projects go beyond standard advertising formats. We will create, publish and promote content that will solve your brand tasks and will be interesting to readers. Every project is unique and customly done to meet client's needs
Landing pages
Video production
Content production
Latest researches say that people don't want annoying ads. They want engaging, entertaining and useful content

We will create interesting, entertaining and engaging content that people will want to share thus increasing brand impressions
What is an average contract length for banner ads? 2 seconds, 3 seconds, or 5? With native advertising you can talk about tenths of minutes contact length
Content marketing
Sharable content
Contact length
Advantages of special projects
Each special project has KPIs which we commit for. Money back guarantee in case of under-delivery. Special projects are available from NGN 150 000

Special Projects Effectiveness
completed projects
2 000 000+
page views
3 minutes
average time of contact
Special Projects. Our Experience

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