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If you got lucky to purchase your own apartment, you know the next milestone ― renovation! If you're not dealing with repairment works during your whole life, we can tell you how you feel at the moment ― dazed, confused, and close to get a heart attack.
Renovating the house?
6 key pieces of advice to keep in mind

Legit.ng together with Jiji.ng, which is a proven go-to platform in case of renovation, decided to help you and composed a guide with some vital aspects of repair, how to start it and what to pay your attention to.
Estimate your new home
Be realistic regarding your new home. Time leaves traces on the bathroom, electricity, and walls. While making a renovation, you can find out even more new issues. Examine your house inside and out to know what to expect.
Decide what interior style you want
None. Just a slight facelift
French country
Hollywood glam
Designing must be well-thought-out and consider the needs of your family as well as a design code. If you're not good at spatial thinking, talk to a designer. In this case, be sure to discuss the budget so that you will not be offered costly solutions. You can find a designer on Jobberman, Ng careers, or by looking through some offers on Jiji.ng.

However, if your limited budget doesn't allow you to hire a designer, don't get upset. Resort to Pinterest or some thematic websites and use them as inspiration while creating a design on your own.
Draw up an estimate
Considering these points is very important:
Work of the repair brigade
Bathroom fixtures
Finishing materials
Electrical engineering
Windows and doors
Home decoration materials
All appliances
Ready-built kitchen
Light fixtures
Overhead costs
Competent and accurate calculation of all the costs of repair work will help you avoid unnecessary overpayments. Determine the materials for finishing floors, walls, and ceilings before going to the store. It is not necessary to immediately select the exact shade and texture, but at least decide where you will have the tile and where the laminate. After that, for each room, write down all the materials with an indication of the required amount: from plastering and troweling to the switches and baseboards.
Warn your neighbors
Recommended standard hours of work are from Monday till Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm.
Warn your neighbors that you are going to start a renovation. Discuss with them at what time it would be convenient for them that you make repairs, particularly noisy works.
Find a group of workers

Delegate to specialists at least painting works and decorating furnishings. In this matter, qualification very seriously affects the quality and aesthetics of the final result. There is hardly anyone willing to live in the house with a curved ceiling or walls. Besides, you need an experienced plumber and electrician.

The savings here are fraught with incidents with unpleasant consequences. Enlist the support of a professional. Well, or at least see some videos on Youtube.

Take some of the work
After each operation, wash and dry the rollers and containers, clean the spatulas.
Surely you will be able to dismantle the old repair, prepare the walls, if the irregularities are not critical, or paint something on your own or with the help of friends. Also, you will definitely cope with the installation of baseboards. You can take damp-proofing on your own before the floor cement screed. Do not stint the material,
but take care of the tools.
To speed up the whole process, take care of all needed materials and tools beforehand. This way, you'll not need to think that you don't have something and could entirely devote your time to the renovation process. Do not waste your time by going to stuffy markets, instead purchase all that you need through the Internet on Jiji.ng, which offers

  • Building materials
  • Electrical equipment
  • plumbing and water supply items
  • Doors and windows
  • Solar energy items
  • Measuring and layout tools
  • Hand tools
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