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Ngige speaks on Buhari's anti-corruption battle

Nigeria's minister of labour and employment, Dr Chris Ngige, has hailed President Muhammadu Buhari's anti-corruption battle.

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The former senator of the federal republic told exclusively during an interview that the president's war against corruption is the one which is necessary for sanitising the nation and helping everyone live in the country.

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Ngige spoke at the occasion of his father's burial in Alor, Anambra state.
"We thank God, our father had a beautiful outing today. Nigerians from all walks of life came around to wish us well."

The venue of the late Okonkwo Ngige's interment on Friday, January 22, 2016.
Photo: Emmanuel Osodi
Some of the sympathisers at Senator Ngige's Alor residence in Anambra.
The burial site of the late centurion.
Photos: Emmanuel Osodi
Senator Chris Ngige looking sober during the reception for some of his friends and close associates at St John's Catholic Church, Alor, Anambra state.
Photo: Emmanuel Osodi
On what he would miss about his late dad, Senator Ngige said: "His counsel, that's what I will miss the most about him."

On how he feels with the president's proposed visit, he said: "Provisionally, Mr president has promised to be here tomorrow to condole with the family members."
Senator Ngige taking a cup of drink after attending to people who came to console him during the reception for his friends.
Photo: Emmanuel Osodi
Senator Ngige and some of his associates in Anambra state.
Ngige exchanging pleasantries with some of his well wishers who came to console him over his father's demise.
Popular Nollywood actor Bob Manuel-Udokwu (second left); Senator Chris Ngige and Bisi Olatilo during the reception.
Photos: Emmanuel Osodi
"It is very kind of president, he wants to show the Igbos too that he never hated them as people are insinuating. It was all propaganda," Ngige continued.

On the issue of the president's war against corruption, the minister went all out in support of the anti-graft policing.
Some guests at the reception in Alor, Anambra state.
Some of the red cap chiefs at the reception organised in Alor, Anambra state.
Photos: Emmanuel Osodi
"It is necessary, if we are to continue to be a country, to survive as a country because corruption has already killed Nigeria.

"It is like a parasite which has almost sucked the blood of Nigeria. It's a blood-sucking parasite and there must be an end to it," he stated.
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