RIO 2016: Sports ministry has commenced preparations

special project

- The national stadium in Lagos to be renovated

- Teams have started training for the Olympics

- The sports ministry will provide all the necessary funding for the teams
Barrister Solomon Selcap Dalung, the youth and sports minister, said his teams are getting ready for their appearance at this year's Olympics which will take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, August 5-21. caught up with the minister in Abuja where he talked about recent developments of national sports.
"Lagos national stadium is a monument with a rich history and our sports athletes can be traced to this stadium, we had even international events there, we have athletes that came from all over the world that participated there.

"So, we have no option than to renovate, our customs and image has an attachment with the stadium."
"We also need to project the image of the country to get people on the podium which around four by four, female relay, wrestling female."
Al-Hassan Yakmut, the director general of the now-defunct National Sports Commission, also talked to He said that some of the games will get more attention and support from the government, these are games with prospects of winning medals for the nation:
You can watch the full video of their conversations below:
On March 3, ahead of the 2016 Olympics, Minister Dalung led the technical team to a facility inspection tour at the Games village Barra in Brazil where athletes will be staying.

We wish the best of luck to all the Nigerian athletes, and we are convinced they will make the country proud.
special project