Legit.ng special project

The fast-pacing world leaves us no chance for long reflections. We're prompt to adopt new technologies to feel in the common stream. CES is the global stage for innovations that gathers tech-savvy users, tech manufacturers, and suppliers in one place annually to share inventions with the whole world.
Legit.ng, together with Jiji, picked up the most interesting novelties in four directions that have a chance to stay further in our world and affect future developments.
77- and 88-inch displays — impressive sizes for an impressive picture
α9 Gen 3 AI Processor 8K — outstanding upscaling
The set's integrated voice assistant support — hand-free channels control
Why it's cool?
It's a new break when it goes about 8K TV sets' competition.
Sony Z8H 8K LED TV
75 or 85 inches
Z8H sports full-array LED backlighting
"Frame Tweeter" technology
Why it's cool?
It's a cheaper version of ZG9 that is no way worse.
Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant support
Samsung Sero TV
43-inch 4K TV
A special stand to watch horizontal as well as vertical videos
Why it's cool?
The opportunity to watch vertical videos from your cell phone on a TV screen.
The audio system of a format 4.1 with a power of 60 watts
Intelligent voice assistant Bixby
BMW i3 Urban Suite
An exclusive single passenger seat
Hanger for coats
Heated cupholders
Why it's cool?
It's literally a luxury version of a typical carsharing or taxi that we deserve while sitting in traffic jams.
A desk lamp
Simulated acoustic sealing
Fisker Ocean
All-electric drivetrain
Vegan leather interior
Use recycled materials like nylon and polyester
Why it's cool?
This is a golden dream of all drivers-eco-activists.
Solar panel roof
a "California Mode" that rolls down every window to provide fresh air
Sony Vision-S
33 internal and external sensors
5G connectivity
Driver and passenger monitoring
Why it's cool?
It's a premium electro car that is ready to compete with the current fuel-powered top vehicles.
Assistive driving capabilities
A panoramic display
Segway S-Pod
Speeds up to 24 miles per hour
Joystick to control the segway
Automatic slowdown on turns
Why it's cool?
This new segway S-pod is similar to the vehicles in the cartoon WALL-E, where people used flying chairs instead of walking and gained excess weight in the end.

Exterior lights that double as turn signals
Dell Alienware Concept UFO
8-inch display
Detachable controllers
Why it's cool?
It's a conceptual model of PC gaming on the go that combines the best features of Nintendo Switch and the Joy-Con's idea of detachable controllers.

Support for external devices (e.g., keyboard, mouse)
Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor
1440p resolution
1 millisecond response time
Why it's cool?
Its curved monitor lets you immerse yourself totally into the gaming process without side interruptions.

Refresh rates support up to 240Hz
AMD's FreeSync 2 and Nvidia's G-Sync support
Samsung Ballie
Equipped with cameras and sensors
Controls different smart home features
Takes photos
Why it's cool?
It treads on the heels of its master being ready to accomplish any task that you could do with your smartphone.

Keeps you abreast of the status of your home when you're away
Can be your fitness assistant
Hydraloop Water Recycler
Purifies water from baths, showers, and washing machines
Offers a series of six filtration techniques
Why it's cool?
Its curved monitor lets you immerse yourself totally into the gaming process without side interruptions.

Recycles up to 85% of the household water
Come Play Petl
Secure in variety of positions
Made of soft silicone
Why it's cool?
Being couple-friendly, this gadget is suitable for both you and your partner.

Has a flexible frame
3 different sizes
Jiji makes technologies accessible for everybody regardless of the size of your wallet. Hurry up to complement your home with a new TV screen or game console at a reasonable price.