10 tips to make a great first impression
Contrary to how it may seem, it is not always an easy task to make a good first impression when meeting people for the first time, especially when you consider how important nailing your first meeting is to the success of your relationship with the person in question.
So do you need some key points to remember when you want to make them like you the first time they see you? Here are 10 solid points that would really help.
1. Smile
No matter where you find yourself, smiling is always a good way to work on breaking the ice. It makes you seem more approachable and likeable to a very good extent. So when you meet someone for the first time, do not forget to warmly flash your pearly whites.
2. Give firm handshakes
There is something about firm handshakes that just has a way of sending the right signals about you. Never underestimate the importance of body language and touch when interacting people, give firm handshakes that say 'I really am glad to meet you'.
3. Be polite
We all love a polite person – yes or yes? Well it works exactly the same way for everyone, polite people come off as nice and nice people are the most likeable. So be sure to show how likeable you can be by bringing on your most polite persona.
4. Smell great
Wearing the perfect deodorant, that can fight unpleasant odors while keeping sweat patches away is one of the most powerful ways to grab people's attention and draw them closer to you; when you smell awesome and stay fresh, people tend to want to get closer, because, let's face it, we all like good things.
5. Listen before you speak
Do not be in too much hurry to talk people's ears off the first time you meet them, make strong points without rambling on and on, and most importantly, give them a chance to talk as well – it's a subtle way of showing you care about them or the cause of your meeting.
6. Dress appropriately
Remember to dress right for every situation; if you are meeting someone in a casual environment, do not show up rocking your most glamorous outfit or vice versa. It is a good thing to stand out, but standing out for the wrong reason is a big NO.
7. Pay attention to details
Be sensitive when meeting people for the first time, pay attention to their body language, how they react to your actions and what may make them uncomfortable. It is always easier to impress people when they feel comfortable in your company.
8. Say 'please' and 'thank you' when necessary
There are some magic words we throw around every day that really do make the world a better place, two important ones are 'please' and 'thank you'; never forget to use them appropriately when meeting people, it is easier to like people who seem very well mannered.
9. Personal hygiene is key
This is yet another very powerful point to note; always look clean and tidy, wear clean clothes, get a haircut and good shave when necessary, wear a good and mild deodorant like Rexona deodorant to keep you feeling/smelling fresh all day and you will definitely impress the people you meet even before you talk to them.
10. Give nice compliments
Everyone wants to hear nice things about themselves so never be stingy with your compliments, just be sure to keep them appropriate. A simple compliment about their outfits, hairstyles, perfumes or even the way they smile is sure to earn you a special place in their hearts the first time you meet.

Did you find these tips helpful? Feel free to share some little things that tend impress you about people the first time you meet them.