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How to plan a wedding of your dreams and don't go broke
Special project
Hooray! You're engaged. That means you're poised to be a part of a new family. The only thing to do is to survive your wedding.

Legit.ng and Jiji know that this most romantic event of your life still stays a fancy wallet-busting episode.

Are you skilled enough to prepare a gorgeous wedding on a slim budget?

Answer five questions below to find it out.
How good you are at wedding planning on a budget?
Are you skilled enough to prepare a gorgeous wedding on a slim budget? Answer five questions below to find it out.
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These cars are all white. Which one would you choose for your wedding?
Most probably your relative will want to drive the car by his own and will spoil the whole morning with his cheap jokes, but at least you'll not need to pay around $200.
Not only can this monster hardly negotiate the corner, it will cost you as much as $500. Do you really need all this surface glitz and glamour?
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Imagine that the theme of your wedding is nature. Which location would you choose?
It will be difficult to find a piece of pure nature there. Plus, it will cost you around 100K, considering food and drinks.
Good choice! You don't have to pay for anything. Just bring in your food and drinks and don't forget to clean up the mess after yourself.
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Which type of invitation card is the best option?
Register to Canva or any other similar online design service where there are free templates of stunning invitation cards that you just need to fill in and send to your guests.
For 100 invitation cards, you'll pay around ₦35,000.00
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What type of entertainment would you offer to your guests?
Ask your friends to bring a table football, make a thematic photo zone, or offer your guests to take part in a dance battle. Remember, money doesn't always guarantee a fun atmosphere.
If your parents are millionaires or you're an artist by yourself, then it's not a problem to book or even invite a renowned singer to your wedding. However, if you're desperate for the money, leave this entertainment to someone else.
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Who will help you with the wedding preparations?
Such help will cost you some nerves but not your money
Such assistance will cost you from ₦ 100,000 - ₦ 500,000. If you want to spend this money, then at least read some reviews on the Internet and ask your friends to advise you some trusted specialists.
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It looks like you've never dealt with weddings or watched them only in movies. If you're going to plan your wedding just like you answered these questions, there's a high chance that you'll waste all your money and be left with nothing after your wedding. Hurry up to fill in the gaps in your knowledge by reading this project further.
Your knowledge is impressive but not ideal. Most probably you've already got over the wedding of your best friend. However, you still have some gaps to fill in. Read our special project to find out working saving tips not to make stupid mistakes to regret.
You're a wedding guru! It seems like your experience includes your wedding, the wedding of your best friends and all close and distant relatives. You know almost all budget traps and pitfalls. Read through the project to refresh your memory or satisfy yourself one more time of how cool you are at all this wedding stuff.
Define guest quantity
Prepare and send invitations (1 wave)
Book a photographer and camera operator
Book a make-up artist and hairdresser for you and your better half
Create the perfect guest seating chart
Prepare an outfit for you and your better half
Book a location
Book a host and a band/singer
Think about the theme and corresponding décor
Send follow-ups to all your guests
Most of all the mistakes while preparing a wedding happen at the very beginning. The reason is poor scheduling and wrong prioritizing.
Decide on the menu
Agree on a plan of the wedding day
Start learning your first wedding dance
Here's a hands-on example of the order the preparation stages should go
within half a year
within 5 months
within 4 months
within 3 months
within 2 months
within a months
within 3 weeks
within 2 weeks
Guests and a location
Before you've been caught up in thoughts and dreams about décor of your future wedding, hold on a sec and write all the guests you'd like to see on this day. Consider your budget as you'll be obliged to feed and make drunk each of your guests.

The estimated number of invited people allows you to pick up the location, spacious enough to gather all of them.
Saving tip:
If you live in a big city, consider the opportunity to invite your relatives and friends to a small town. It'll be much cheaper for you to celebrate your event there than in a country capital.
Celebrate in a small town
Theme and décor
The wedding theme determines the whole concept of the event: décor, bride and bridegroom's outfits, and entertainments. Here are some variants that gained traction all over the world for the last five years.
Saving tip:
If you understand that you haven't enough money to decorate the location in the desired style, then fit in your wedding in the given conditions, whether it is your house backyard or a pub in the neighborhood.
Use what you have around
Not practical!
Think about how much space your guests will need to eat
Can take plenty of space!
Pay attention to
Ceremony area
In any case, the ceremony area has to include an arch. There are several basic types of arch decor: flower arrangement, the use of light fabrics, garlands, and other improvised materials.

The arch can be used to create an original interior in a banquet hall or the open air - it all depends on your taste. Set chairs in front of the arch if you plan to be wordy during your vows.

If the ceremony takes no more than 15 minutes, you can safely leave your guests standing.

Saving tip:
You can find an alternative to the traditional arch and decorate a beautiful tree (artificial or natural). It all depends on where and how you planned the celebration. Experiment and create!
Anything can be a wedding arch
Make sure the restaurant, pub, hall, or whatsoever you've chosen for your wedding celebration has enough space not only for guests but tables, some decor arrangements, and involves dancing area.
It can look tasteless
Round table

This is the most common form of a table. Its main advantage is that it makes guests communicate since everyone is at an equal distance from each other.
Saving tip:
Rectangular tables are ideal for weddings with many guests. At such tables, you can seat more people, and they do not take up as much space as round or square.
Tables can help you optimize space
Square table

At this table, guests will be at different distances from each other but still be able to communicate with all the neighbors at the table.
The disadvantage of such tables is that they take up quite a lot of space.
Such a table, like a round one, will take up a lot of space, but it is much more practical in terms of delimiting space.
Put name cards at every seat or plate.
Make your friends and relatives know what to expect from this night by providing them with a night schedule card.
Prepare a little gift as a souvenir: sweets, seeds or a plant, music CD-disk, bathroom amenities, stylish accessories
Lightbulbs, candles, and spotlights are vital if you want to create a needed atmosphere at your wedding. Plus, the quality of wedding photos largely depends on the light. It is especially important to consider the issue of lighting at a banquet.

Lighting affects not only photos and videos but also the design color palette. Under different lighting, the shade of textiles and decor details will look different. If you strive to create the lightest and delicate colors, pure white lighting is crucial; otherwise, even the most beautiful and expensive decor will look dull.
Saving tip:
Hang up decorative string lights all around walls and trees, put candles on the tables and no doubt you'll have the most romantic wedding in the world at a cheap rate.
Romance can be cheap
Dress and suit
The bride and bridegroom's outfits can be in western style or resemble the traditions and heritage of the pair.
Saving tip:
You're not obliged to buy a new wedding dress and suit. You can safely purchase them on Jiji from other newlyweds for less money.
Buy used dress and suit
Transport is a special item on the list. It's a luxurious detail of the wedding that can be a stylish element in the overall style. The price for the car rent will depend on a car brand, its spaciousness, comfort, as well as the time you plan to use the car.
Saving tip:
If you or your relatives have a car, you can use it for transfer instead of renting one. Just don't forget to decorate the car according to your wedding style and theme.
If you want a chick car for little money, look at these options and take them as the example of alternatives to a banal limo:

Modern autos:

Range Rover
Mitsubishi Lancer X
Fiat 500C

Retro autos:

Volkswagen Beetle
Ford Mustang
Fiat 124 Spider
Borrow a vehicle from your relatives
Too expensive
Rolls Royce Phantom ― from around ₦575,000 / night
Range Rover Limo ― around ₦200,000 / night
Bentley Mulsanne ― around ₦300,000 / night
Think pragmatically!
If the wedding is in a big city, then even in an ordinary car it is rather difficult and often nervous to move, need we say a word about a limousine! The wedding procession that includes a limo will not be able to drive through narrow streets, on sharp turns, or on difficult roads.
Additional activities guarantee your guests will not feel bored by the end of the night. Here are the main ingredients of a fun-filled wedding.
A right host will create a friendly atmosphere, will not let your guests feel bored, and offer various types of amusements depending on the guests' age, status, and preferences.
There's always a moment at every party when everybody wants to hit the floor. That's why you need someone who'll switch on the music at the right time.
A band or a singer
Live music makes every event special! Hire a cover band, in good time give them the list of your favorite and popular songs, and, we guarantee an unforgettable atmosphere for the whole wedding.
Unusual show
Unconventional activities can help you create marvelous memories of your wedding. Think about fire show, dance teachers, quiz, table football, volleyball, or any other game to add a little life to your wedding reception.
Saving tip:
If you play in a band or you have friends or relatives that have some artistic talents, offer them to perform on the stage, whether it's a song or dance.
Engage your friends and relatives
The wedding reception is an ideal time to treat your guests to some culinary masterpieces. Remember that the meal on the tables has to include appetizers as well as full-course dishes. They can consider cultural heritage or be neutral to please anyone's tastes.
Serve a smaller wedding cake
Another saving item is the wedding cake. If the main menu has plenty of delicious dishes, many guests refuse from the cake by the end of the night. Some of the invitees are already leaving by this time.
Saving tip:
Here's the main rule for those who want to save up on the wedding reception and food. Have no scruples about asking your guests to bring their own booze. Also, if you can cook some dishes at home together with your relatives and bring it to the restaurant and it'll be fine with this, then do it.
Bring all that you can
Choose a standing buffet format
A standing buffet is much cheaper compared to a standard banquet. You don't need to serve lots of different food. The only thing you need is to provide guests with some appetizers and cocktails.
You can order a cake not from the standard calculation of 250 g per person but up to 200 g.
Choose unpopular dates
With a limited budget, it's better to choose unpopular dates and have your wedding on a working day. If you plan a wedding from Sunday to Friday, you will significantly reduce your costs for almost everything.
Another way to cut your costs for your wedding is to choose Jiji as a to-go marketplace where you can find a wedding dress or suit, rent a car, hire a wedding agency, and purchase decor items at low costs.
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