Legit.ng Special Projects
Our special projects go beyond standard advertising formats. The special project includes interactive elements and is published on a unique designed landing page
Your brand and goals are so massive and standing out, that an ordinary article is not enough?
A special project is the best choice for overcoming your challenges.

Consideration of brand tasks

Unique content and design

Bright and engaging format

What can we include?
Support new product launch

Share photo or video content
Resolve reputation difficulties
Build loyalty
Share your story
What brand goals can you achieve?
Educate on product benefits/usage

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Special Projects Numbers
That speak for themselves
700 +
social media shares
2 000 000+
page views
3 minutes
average contact
10 +
completed projects
Our Experience
Become one of the first brands on the Nigerian market to start telling your stories together with #1 media and outrun your competitors!
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